We Dream.

We Craft.

We Perfect.

At Timeless Pearly, our creations are more than just jewelry; they are a testament to a meticulous process of creation, from the first sketch to the final prototype, ensuring every piece resonates with our signature blend of elegance and boldness.


Craftsmanship at its Core.

Nestled on the iconic rue Saint Honore in Paris, our workshop is more than a space—it's a crucible of creativity. Here, each piece of Timeless Pearly jewelry is handcrafted to perfection, embodying elegance and daring in equal measure. Our creations are unique, each telling its own story of elegance, boldness, and the art of the possible.


The Birth of a Vision.

Leslie Chetrit, driven by an indomitable passion for vibrant, eye-catching jewelry, founded Timeless Pearly. From her early days, Leslie was a trendsetter, always daring to pair the unexpected, to blend the unblendable. Timeless Pearly is the canvas where her wild heart and bold creativity find expression.

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